January 30, 2015
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Senate Opposition to Susan Rice as Secretary of State 4:59 minutes | 2012-Dec-01
by WSJLive
Kerry Holds Talks With Syrian Opposition 2:10 minutes | 2013-Feb-28
by BBC World News
Bernanke Faces Opposition on Inflation Record 4:50 minutes | 2013-Feb-27
by WSJLive
US: $60 Million in New Aid to Syria Opposition 0:57 minutes | 2013-Feb-28
by Associated Press
Jay Carney: Russia Is 'Isolated And Alone' 0:32 minutes | 2013-Sep-12
by HuffPost News
Georgia Segregated Prom Opponents Face Opposition 4:15 minutes | 2013-Apr-04
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Conservative Opposition To New Bill Growing 2:39 minutes | 2013-Apr-18
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Proposed Expanded Curfew Draws New Opposition 1:26 minutes | 2013-Apr-30
White House Announces Opposition To Justin Amash NSA Amendment 3:03 minutes | 2013-Jul-24
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Who Are the Opposition? Should US Recognize, Support? 3:22 minutes | 2013-Aug-13
by FORA.tvPolitics
Off-The-Record Opposition 22:09 minutes | 2013-May-31
by HuffPost Live Segments
New Municipal Court Fees Draw Anger, Opposition 1:59 minutes | 2013-Jul-16
Clinton Is Already Going After Biden's Opposition To The Bin Laden Raid 2:02 minutes | 2013-Oct-16
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