September 01, 2015
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Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Army Protest 1:55 minutes | 2014-Mar-03
by BBC World News
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Protesters Scuffle With Police 0:57 minutes | 2013-Aug-12
by Reuters
Israelis Split Over Service 3:35 minutes | 2014-Mar-12
by NYTimes
Man Stabs Six People in Israel's Gay Pride Parade 1:58 minutes | 2015-Jul-31
by WSJ Video
Thousands Protest Over Segregation Call in Israel 1:59 minutes | 2011-Dec-28
by BBC World News
Palestinians and Jews Hold Vigils for Victims of Extremism 1:21 minutes | 2015-Aug-03
by Euronews English
Israel's Netanyahu Struggling To Assemble Coalition 0:46 minutes | 2015-Apr-19
by Wochit News
Women Heckled at Jewish Holy Site 1:21 minutes | 2013-Jun-09
by Reuters
Israel's Ethiopian Jews Clash with Police at Race Rally 2:28 minutes | 2015-May-04
by Al Jazeera
Ethiopian Jews Return to Israel 2:06 minutes | 2013-Aug-29
by BBC World News
Iranian President Tweets "Happy Rosh Hashanah" to Country's Jews 1:25 minutes | 2013-Sep-06
by NowThis News