April 21, 2015
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Woman Eats Three 72-Ounce Steaks in 20 Minutes 0:36 minutes | 2015-Apr-21
by PA
Migrants' Bodies Brought Ashore 0:45 minutes | 2015-Apr-21
by Wochit News
Migrant Survivors Arrive in Italy After Torturous Ordeal 1:17 minutes | 2015-Apr-21
by Al Jazeera
A Migrant's Poem from a Sea Journey 1:27 minutes | 2015-Apr-21
by BBC World News
Refusing Racist Tattoos in Hungary 2:59 minutes | 2015-Apr-20
by BBC World News
Cameron: SNP Wants to Break Up UK 3:13 minutes | 2015-Apr-21
by Sky News UK
Student Armed with Crossbow Kills Teacher, Injures Four in Barcelona 1:04 minutes | 2015-Apr-20
by Reuters - Next Media
Migrants Drawn by Jobs, Welfare in Northern Europe 1:03 minutes | 2015-Apr-20
by Wochit News