October 04, 2015
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Deteriorated WWI Headstones Are Replaced in Beaurains, France 1:44 minutes | 2014-Jan-12
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Child Poverty Measure to Be Redefined 2:44 minutes | 2012-Jun-14
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Spanish Ebola Patient Deteriorates 2:08 minutes | 2014-Oct-09
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George Friedman on Cyprus and the EU 9:49 minutes | 2013-Mar-29
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Italy Closes Embassy in Yemen as Security Deteriorates 0:45 minutes | 2015-Feb-13
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Cable: PM "Calling Into Doubt" UK EU Membership 0:40 minutes | 2013-Jan-17
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UK's Vote To Leave EU Is A Warning 5:00 minutes | 2012-Nov-02
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EU Commissioner on the UK Referendum 2:45 minutes | 2013-Feb-14
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UK in EU: 'Should Be Up to Public' 2:28 minutes | 2013-Jan-23
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Merkel Urges 'Strong' UK in EU 2:11 minutes | 2014-Feb-27
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Italian PM: UK Leaving EU a 'Disaster' 1:47 minutes | 2013-Jul-16
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What Must the EU Do to Keep the UK? 1:14 minutes | 2015-Jun-21
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UK Legal High Market Is EU's Largest 2:03 minutes | 2013-Jun-26
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UK PM Left Isolated on EU Decision 2:20 minutes | 2011-Dec-09
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Britain Talks of Bailing From the EU 3:30 minutes | 2013-Jan-24
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Merkel Says EU May Need to Consider Treaty Change to Keep UK 0:47 minutes | 2015-Jun-04
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