September 04, 2015
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Syrian Rebels Fire Missiles at Government Forces 1:03 minutes | 2013-Jan-02
by ITN
Rebels, Government Forces Battle for Aleppo 0:52 minutes | 2013-Jun-16
by Reuters
Raw: Rebels Fire at Government Troops in Aleppo 0:59 minutes | 2013-Nov-20
by Associated Press
Rebel and Government Forces Clash in Damascus 1:12 minutes | 2012-Jul-16
by Reuters
Rebels Clash With Government Forces Outside Aleppo 0:58 minutes | 2013-Jul-05
by Reuters
A Rebel Sniper in Syria 5:49 minutes | 2013-Jul-29
by Storyhunter
Rebels Close in on Key Airport in Northern Syria 1:29 minutes | 2012-Dec-28
by Reuters
Syrian Rebels and Government Forces Battle 0:50 minutes | 2014-Mar-10
by Reuters
Assad Shown Unharmed After Syria Rebels Report Attack 1:00 minutes | 2013-Aug-08
by Reuters
Rebels Gain Ground in Northern Syria 1:25 minutes | 2013-Aug-28
by Reuters
Syrian Government Forces Retaliate For General's Killing 1:10 minutes | 2013-Oct-18
by Reuters
'Frontline' Director Previews Syria 'Behind The Lines' 10:52 minutes | 2013-Apr-08
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Syrian Opposition Says Government Is Using Cluster Bombs 0:48 minutes | 2012-Dec-01
by Reuters
Syria Systems Down For Second Day 2:13 minutes | 2012-Nov-30
by BBC News