October 10, 2015
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Syrian Government Forces 'Are Martyrs' 5:40 minutes | 2013-Jan-14
by BBC News
All Countries Must Pressure Syria For Assad's Exit: Baird 1:03 minutes | 2012-Nov-08
by Canadian Press
Assad Appoints Seven New Ministers 1:00 minutes | 2013-Feb-13
by Reuters
Syria's Assad Blames Foreign Powers For Violence 1:19 minutes | 2012-Jun-03
by Reuters
Syrian Oil Minister Defects - Does It Hurt Assad? 1:42 minutes | 2012-Mar-08
by Newsy
Second Round of Syria Talks Makes Faltering Start 1:38 minutes | 2014-Feb-10
by Reuters
Syria's Assad Appoints New PM 0:52 minutes | 2012-Aug-09
by Reuters
Syria's Assad Swears in New PM 0:36 minutes | 2012-Aug-11
by Reuters
U.S. Warns Syria Not to Use Chemical Weapons 1:54 minutes | 2012-Dec-07
by Reuters