September 22, 2014
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15,000 Crocodiles Escape from South African Farm 0:45 minutes | 2013-Jan-25
by ITN
Thousands of Crocodiles Loose In South Africa 0:56 minutes | 2013-Jan-26
by Newsy
Sisters Who Took on Botswana Chiefs 3:11 minutes | 2013-Oct-22
by BBC World News
Botswana: A New Frontline for Fracking 5:42 minutes | 2014-Mar-14
by globalpost
Body of Crocodile Attack Victim Recovered in Australia 0:33 minutes | 2013-Aug-26
by Reuters
Chaos As Floods Submerge Acapulco, Death Toll Rises 0:35 minutes | 2013-Sep-19
by Wochit News
How South Africa Is Reducing Aids Suffering 2:58 minutes | 2012-Dec-01
by BBC World News
Brazil Faces Its Worst Drought in Decades 0:40 minutes | 2012-May-07
by Reuters
Bolivia Saves 21 From Flooding River 0:48 minutes | 2012-Jul-08
by Reuters
Worst Train Crash In Decades Kills 77 In Spain 1:06 minutes | 2013-Jul-25
by PIX11
South Africa Marks Freedom Day 1:52 minutes | 2012-Apr-27
by BBC World News
BBC Films as Boat Survivors Held 3:26 minutes | 2013-Oct-21
by BBC World News
Cat Takes On Crocodile, And Wins! 0:53 minutes | 2013-Feb-26
by PIX11
Woman Dies After Jumping Into Crocodile Pond 1:05 minutes | 2014-Sep-16
by HPL Flash
South Africa Mall Search Winds Down 0:59 minutes | 2013-Nov-20
by Reuters
Singapore Shocked by Worst Riots in Decades 3:45 minutes | 2013-Dec-09
by Storyful