April 25, 2014
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Scientists Discover Lost Continent Off Brazil 1:09 minutes | 2013-May-08
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Who Will Win Cup of Nations? 2:43 minutes | 2013-Feb-09
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Need to Know: Chinese Media in Africa 2:31 minutes | 2013-Mar-22
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Africa Football Empty Seats Fear 2:10 minutes | 2013-Jan-22
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Ancient Continent Found Underneath Indian Ocean 1:32 minutes | 2013-Feb-25
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Turkey Unveils Underwater Tunnel Connecting Two Continents 1:26 minutes | 2013-Oct-29
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President Obama Embarks on Trip to Africa 2:00 minutes | 2013-Jun-26
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China in Africa: Assessing the Far East Footprint 3:04 minutes | 2013-Mar-28
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United States Expands Military Footprint in Africa 3:23 minutes | 2013-Jun-28
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Obama - Missing In Africa 37:08 minutes | 2012-Oct-12
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Obama, Bush Honor Memorial Site In Africa 0:59 minutes | 2013-Jul-02
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BBC Watches Brazil Protest Unfold 1:29 minutes | 2013-Jun-28
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S Africa 'Won't Take Second-Best' 2:43 minutes | 2012-Dec-03
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