July 28, 2015
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Iran Launches Monkey Into Space, Says State News Agency 0:56 minutes | 2013-Jan-28
by Reuters
Iran Says It Launched Monkey Into Space 0:51 minutes | 2013-Jan-28
by Associated Press
Monkey Sent Into Space by Iran 0:51 minutes | 2013-Jan-28
by ITN
Iran Launches Second Monkey Into Space 1:00 minutes | 2013-Dec-14
by Reuters
Iran Tries (and Fails) to Send Monkey to Space 1:43 minutes | 2011-Oct-15
by Newsy
Man Arrested For Beating Monkey To Death At Zoo 0:29 minutes | 2012-Nov-21
Thousands Gather For Port Said Funeral 0:34 minutes | 2013-Jan-30
by Reuters
Dick Armey: GOP Candidates 'Said Some Stupid Things' 0:34 minutes | 2012-Dec-10
by HuffPost News
Governor Christie: It's Bad Enough I Said The Word 'Twinkie' 0:42 minutes | 2012-Nov-16
by HuffPost News
Protesters Rally For Ikea Monkey 0:39 minutes | 2012-Dec-20
by Reuters
Syria Rebels Said to Kill Captured Troops 1:16 minutes | 2012-Nov-02
by Associated Press
GOP Politicians Said This About FEMA 2:24 minutes | 2012-Oct-30
by Mashed Postatoes
Ikea Monkey Demonstrates Exotic Pet Risks 1:11 minutes | 2012-Dec-11
by Canadian Press
Obama: "What Governor Romney Said Just Isn't True" 1:45 minutes | 2012-Oct-17
by Reuters