August 30, 2015
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Documentary Report on Greece Refugees 20:15 minutes | 2012-Jan-11
by JourneymanPictures
Syrian Refugees Head to Sweden to Seek Asylum 1:51 minutes | 2014-Mar-03
by WSJ Video
Asylum Process System In Chaos 0:23 minutes | 2014-Oct-29
by Sky News UK
Syrian Refugees Now Fleeing Turkey 2:39 minutes | 2013-May-16
by BBC World News
War Criminals Ask for UK Asylum 1:29 minutes | 2013-Jul-30
by BBC World News
Hungarian Police Fire Tear Gas at Refugees Following Unrest 1:57 minutes | 2015-Aug-27
by Al Jazeera
Asylum Protection Applications Double in Germany 1:00 minutes | 2015-Aug-19
by Euronews English
UK Border Agency Allegedly Dumped Asylum Cases 1:50 minutes | 2011-Nov-04
by BBC World News
How the Fracking Process Works 1:26 minutes | 2012-Dec-13
by BBC World News
France to Create 11,000 Places for Refugees, Asylum Seekers 0:49 minutes | 2015-Jun-17
by Wochit News
Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum 3:36 minutes | 2012-Aug-17
by WSJ Video