October 09, 2015
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UK Awash With Insurance Problems 0:49 minutes | 2012-Nov-27
by Reuters
British Couple Die in Spain Flood 0:55 minutes | 2011-Oct-22
by BBC News
House Votes to Derail Obamacare, Fund Government 1:46 minutes | 2013-Sep-20
by Associated Press
Boehner: Goal Is Not to Shut Down Government 0:57 minutes | 2013-Mar-05
by Associated Press
Beijing Citizens Criticize Government's Flood Response 1:11 minutes | 2012-Jul-23
by Newsy
Mitt Romney: 'My Healthcare Plan … Has Everyone Insured' 0:28 minutes | 2012-Aug-23
by HuffPost News
Former AIG Exec Sues U.S. Government Over Bailout 2:17 minutes | 2011-Nov-22
by Newsy
Canada Should Stop Insuring Home Mortgages: IMF 1:31 minutes | 2013-Nov-27
by Canadian Press
Adjusting 2014 Risk Payments For Health Insurers 0:42 minutes | 2013-Nov-26
by Wochit News
Obama Blames Government Shutdown on "Ideological Crusade" 1:36 minutes | 2013-Oct-01
by Reuters
U.S. Government May Make $15B on AIG 2:12 minutes | 2012-May-08
by Newsy
Severe Flooding Leaves Hundreds Homeless in Brazil 0:36 minutes | 2013-Jan-03
by Reuters
Australian Floods Leave Over 2,000 Stranded 0:52 minutes | 2011-Dec-12
by ITN
Raw: House Approves $9.7 Billion in Sandy Aid 0:43 minutes | 2013-Jan-04
by Associated Press