August 21, 2014
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Arrests Made Over Recent Libya Violence 1:04 minutes | 2012-Aug-27
by Reuters
Recent Violence Plaguing NYC Neighborhoods 2:29 minutes | 2012-Jul-31
by PIX11
Did Ethnic Tension Cause Recent Violence in Xinjiang? 2:04 minutes | 2011-Jul-31
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Hamas Supporters Celebrate in the West Bank 1:21 minutes | 2012-Nov-23
by Reuters
Israelis, Palestinians Call For an End to Gaza Violence 1:01 minutes | 2012-Nov-18
by Reuters
Exiled Leader Returns For Hamas Celebration 1:15 minutes | 2012-Dec-08
by Reuters
Hamas Police Patrol 'No-Go Border' 1:54 minutes | 2012-Nov-26
by BBC Worldwide
Charlie Crist On His Recent Switch To The Democratic Party 1:10 minutes | 2012-Dec-11
by HuffPost Politics
Palestinian Analyst Says Hamas Influence Rising 1:31 minutes | 2012-Dec-07
by Reuters
Israel and Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease-Fire 1:20 minutes | 2012-Nov-21
by Associated Press
Expert: Both Israel, Hamas Need Cease-Fire 2:29 minutes | 2012-Nov-21
by Associated Press
Hamas Rocket Kills Three in Israel 1:33 minutes | 2012-Nov-15
by ITN
Hamas Has Been Willing to Negotiate a Peace Deal Based on '67 Borders 6:23 minutes | 2012-Nov-23
by Real News Network
Columnist: Want to Weaken Hamas? Here's How 6:49 minutes | 2012-Nov-29
by Daily Beast
Columnist: Want to Weaken Hamas? Here's How 6:49 minutes | 2012-Nov-30
by Daily Beast
Israel Says It's Targeting Hamas Militants 1:04 minutes | 2012-Nov-19
by Associated Press