August 31, 2015
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Syria President Bashar Al-Assad TV Interview 1:25 minutes | 2013-May-31
by ITN
Bashar Al-Assad Celebrates End of Ramadan 1:01 minutes | 2013-Aug-08
by NowThis News
Iranians Vote in Presidential Poll 1:06 minutes | 2013-Jun-14
by Reuters
Meet Bouthaina Shaaban, Bashar Al-Assad's Spokeswoman 0:40 minutes | 2013-Sep-16
by NowThis News
Bashar Al-Assad By Passed Sanctions to Download Music 1:00 minutes | 2012-Mar-16
by Stereotude
Syrian Candidate Praises Bashar Assad 0:49 minutes | 2014-Jun-02
by Wochit News
Person of the Year 2013 Shortlist: Bashar Assad 1:34 minutes | 2013-Dec-11
Syria Acknowledges Israeli Airstrikes 0:40 minutes | 2014-Jun-24
by Wochit News
Syria Rebels Free Iranians in Prisoner Swap 5:07 minutes | 2013-Jan-10
by WSJ Video
Israel Deploys Tanks Along Syrian Border 1:07 minutes | 2013-Jul-09
by Reuters
Bashar Al-Assad: A Busy Man 0:39 minutes | 2015-Feb-11
by Wochit News
The Iran Deal's Other Winner: Bashar Al-Assad 1:37 minutes | 2015-Jul-18
by Newsy
How Bashar Al-Assad Destroyed Syria 2:16 minutes | 2015-Jun-09
by TestTube News
Israelis Support Recent Air Strikes, Despite Syrian Ire 1:20 minutes | 2013-May-06
by Reuters
Israelis Worry With Syrian Al-Qaida on Doorstep 1:00 minutes | 2014-Sep-04
by Wochit News