March 01, 2015
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Fall Colors in Quebec: View the Changing Leaves 2:20 minutes | 2014-Oct-06
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Earth's Most Amazing Places 0:59 minutes | 2015-Jan-01
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Washington Monument Under Repair Looking Better Than Ever 1:03 minutes | 2013-Aug-12
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Explore Historic Jackie Robinson “42” Ballpark and Museum 2:41 minutes | 2013-Oct-15
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Art of the Olympians Museum at Fort Myers, Florida 2:43 minutes | 2013-Jul-25
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Visit the Niagara Falls in Canada 1:08 minutes | 2010-Nov-22
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A Day at the Beach in Marco Island 2:58 minutes | 2014-Apr-30
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Insider’s Guide to Matlacha, FL and the Matlacha Bridge 2:55 minutes | 2013-Feb-03
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