July 25, 2014
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Inside the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Celebration 5:50 minutes | 2013-Oct-04
by TechCrunch TV News
What Do You Love About Programming? 4:29 minutes | 2013-Oct-05
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How Harvey Mudd College Increased Its Percentage of Women in CS 10:01 minutes | 2013-Oct-06
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Pinterest's Head of Engineering | Inside Jobs 7:39 minutes | 2013-Oct-22
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Dish Turns CBS’ Hopper Crackdown Into Opportunity 2:03 minutes | 2013-Jan-20
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Colleen Demos Muse Headband in Studio 6:13 minutes | 2013-Jan-11
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Google Looks To Scoop Up Engineers In BlackBerry's Hometown 0:35 minutes | 2013-Sep-27
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Jobs's Behavior An Issue In Wage Suit 0:46 minutes | 2014-Apr-21
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TheLadders' Job Search Mobile App 10:12 minutes | 2013-Jun-12
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Year Up Sources Urban Youth For Tech Jobs 6:57 minutes | 2013-Sep-25
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Drew Houston of Dropbox and Bryan Schreier of Sequoia on Recruiting 9:59 minutes | 2013-Jun-13
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Apple To Recruit More Suppliers To Make iPhones, iPads 0:51 minutes | 2013-Nov-06
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Best New Startup of 2013 Tinder | Crunchies Awards 2013 4:01 minutes | 2014-Feb-11
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Mike Schroepfer of Facebook 3:46 minutes | 2012-Aug-06
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Automattic's Matt Mullenwag at SXSW 8:31 minutes | 2013-Mar-10
by TechCrunch SXSW