July 06, 2015
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Suspect Pepper Sprays Woman and Steals Her Monkey 0:56 minutes | 2013-Oct-30
by Geobeats
Frozen Margarita Cologne Spray 1:00 minutes | 2012-Sep-23
by Geobeats
McDonald's Using DNA Spray to Catch Thieves 1:05 minutes | 2013-Jan-15
by Geobeats
Deer Antler Spray for Performance Enhancement 2:55 minutes | 2013-Feb-03
by DNews
Man Spray Paints Face And Neck Area Black To Fool Police 0:54 minutes | 2015-Mar-17
by Geobeats
Tadpole Eyes! Invisibility Cloaks! Spray-Painted Asteroids! 2:15 minutes | 2013-Mar-08
by NewsFix DFW
Man and Dog Badly Burned After Tick Spray Catches Fire 0:53 minutes | 2014-Feb-13
by Geobeats
A Nasal Spray Could Relieve Marriage Woes 1:05 minutes | 2013-Jun-17
by Geobeats
Mexican Priest Uses Watergun to Spray Holy Water 0:51 minutes | 2013-Feb-25
by ITN