March 03, 2015
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Hail a Luxury Taxi With Your Smartphone 3:59 minutes | 2013-Aug-07
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NYC Votes a Yearlong Test of Hail-a-Cab Smartphone Apps 4:21 minutes | 2012-Dec-14
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Flywheels Offer Cheaper, Lighter Alternative To Hybrids 0:30 minutes | 2014-Jan-23
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New Sidecar App Turns Strangers’ Cars Into Cabs 3:53 minutes | 2013-Jun-12
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Are Taxi Apps Worth It? Depends on Where You Live 1:54 minutes | 2013-Aug-05
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'I Couldn't Get a Taxi... So I Created an App' 4:07 minutes | 2014-Jul-22
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Testing Ride-Share Apps Against Cabs 2:42 minutes | 2014-Mar-13
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Uber Cuts Price on Some Rides 3:19 minutes | 2014-Jan-10
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New York City Plans to Regulate Mobile Taxi Apps 1:53 minutes | 2012-Oct-31
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Colleen Demos Muse Headband in Studio 6:13 minutes | 2013-Jan-11
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On Crunchies Past with Anthony Ha and Colleen Taylor 2:35 minutes | 2015-Feb-06
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