October 06, 2015
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Sarah Palin Finally Endorses Romney 2:46 minutes | 2012-Nov-05
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Sarah Palin Parts Ways With Fox News 1:46 minutes | 2013-Jan-25
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Former Bush Aide: Sarah Palin Not 'Competent Enough' For CPAC 2:27 minutes | 2013-Mar-05
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Karl Rove Mocks Sarah Palin Tenure As Governor 2:24 minutes | 2013-Mar-18
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Romney Should "Go Rogue" - Is Going Rogue The Answer For Romney? 5:16 minutes | 2012-Sep-26
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Sarah Palin Loses On 'Frac Daddy' 8:39 minutes | 2013-May-07
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Sarah Palin Sends Confusing Tweet About IRS, Phones 1:24 minutes | 2013-May-24
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Katie Couric Reflects On The Sarah Palin Interviews 2:21 minutes | 2012-Mar-19
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Martin Bashir's 'Vile, Evil Comments' About Sarah Palin Won't Go Away 2:49 minutes | 2013-Nov-26
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Sarah Palin Visits the Statue of Liberty 2:18 minutes | 2011-Jul-31
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Sarah Palin 2016 Presidential Run? 2:01 minutes | 2014-Mar-10
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Sarah Palin's Reality Show 'Amazing America' Debuts First Trailer 0:22 minutes | 2014-Feb-21
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Max Blumenthal on Deconstructing Sarah Palin 4:53 minutes | 2011-Mar-09
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Sarah Palin as a Martyr or the Next Margaret Thatcher 7:03 minutes | 2011-Mar-20
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