January 25, 2015
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WorldStream Voter Voices: Election Day Morning 1:35 minutes | 2012-Nov-06
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With Pennsylvania In Play, Voters Rush To Polls 2:31 minutes | 2012-Nov-06
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Chicago Voters Line Up To Cast Ballots 1:36 minutes | 2012-Nov-06
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Hoboken Voters Shift Focus from Sandy to Election 2:45 minutes | 2012-Nov-07
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Catholic Voters in The Presidential Election 3:06 minutes | 2012-Oct-18
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Seven Exit-Poll Voter Trends 3:45 minutes | 2012-Nov-08
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Campaigns Contact Voters Up to Election Day 1:31 minutes | 2012-Nov-06
Voters Wait In Line in Miami-Dade County 0:26 minutes | 2012-Nov-06
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Analyzing Newt Gingrich’s Gay Voter Comments 2:08 minutes | 2011-Dec-22
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Obama Wins! President Re-Elected For 2nd Term 1:09 minutes | 2012-Nov-07
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Ohio Voters Weary of Election Promises 6:46 minutes | 2012-Oct-27
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League Of Women Voters: Obama Failed By Announcing Voting Commission 7:17 minutes | 2013-Feb-13
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