September 03, 2015
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Jet Engine Made From 150,000 Lego Bricks 0:33 minutes | 2012-Jul-10
by WSJ Video
Lego Bricks and iPads: 'For Kids, It's Just One World' 2:12 minutes | 2014-Jun-19
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10-Foot LEGO Diorama Recreates ‘The Wizard of Oz’ 1:26 minutes | 2013-Jun-20
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'Bricasso' Prints Mosaics With LEGO Bricks 0:57 minutes | 2015-Jul-02
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Lego Paper Airplane Factory Folds Its Own Planes 1:17 minutes | 2013-Mar-17
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Is the 'Brick Phone' Making a Comeback? 2:48 minutes | 2013-Dec-11
by FOX59
United Nations Begins Using Surveillance Drones in Africa 1:04 minutes | 2013-Dec-05
by Mashable
Drone Surveillance in DR Congo Begins 0:44 minutes | 2013-Dec-05
by BBC World News
NASA and LEGO Host a Design Competition 1:04 minutes | 2013-Jun-10
by Geobeats
This LEGO Creation Shows You How Your Laptop Computes 1:28 minutes | 2012-Jul-03
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City Wide Camera Surveillance 0:43 minutes | 2013-Apr-27
by Wochit Tech
A Tiny Lego Tribute to the Polaroid Camera 0:55 minutes | 2013-May-02
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Chocolate Drone Is The World's Most Delicious Flying Machine 0:32 minutes | 2014-Jun-17
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Google, Lego App Lets You Build Right In Your Browser 1:11 minutes | 2014-Jan-28
by Newsy
The Future of Drones in America 1:58 minutes | 2014-Jun-05
by The Blaze