April 01, 2015
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Researchers Test Fin Power with a Robotic Sea Turtle 1:06 minutes | 2012-Dec-03
by Mashable
Robotic Toy Racing Game Uses AI 3:52 minutes | 2013-Oct-17
by BBC World News
Robot Researchers Learn Lessons of Lizard Locomotion 2:09 minutes | 2012-Sep-17
by Reuters
Georgia Tech Offshoot Creates Autonomous Robotic Dragonfly 1:07 minutes | 2012-Nov-14
by Mashable
Lizard-Inspired Robot Created By Researchers 1:02 minutes | 2013-Mar-25
by Geobeats
Georgia Tech's Musical Robots | TechCrunch Makers 6:30 minutes | 2012-Jul-30
by TechCrunch Makers
The Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon Modular Snake Demo 11:12 minutes | 2013-Nov-10
by engadget
Researchers Unveil Bounding Robot Cheetah 2:24 minutes | 2014-Oct-13
by Zoom.in
Human-Size Transformer Robot Developed 1:10 minutes | 2013-Mar-19
by Buzz60
This Robotic Raptor Can Outpace Usain Bolt 1:30 minutes | 2014-May-31
by Newsy
Researchers Develop Spray-On Battery 1:03 minutes | 2012-Jul-03
by Buzz60
MIT Researchers Create a ‘Transforming’ Robot 1:20 minutes | 2012-Dec-04
by Mashable
Research Team Develops Biodegradable Electronics 0:59 minutes | 2012-Sep-28
by Mashable