September 04, 2015
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SXSW Shingerview - Kat Egan, Advertising and Brand Strategist 2:05 minutes | 2013-Mar-13
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Cannes 2012: Shingerview – Abbey Klaassen, Advertising Age 4:05 minutes | 2013-Jun-11
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Andreas M Antonopoulos The Future Of Financial Institutions 2:03 minutes | 2015-Jul-09
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10 Cult Brands So Popular They Don't Need To Advertise 1:39 minutes | 2013-Aug-27
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Funny or Die: Finding the Funny in Advertising 2:38 minutes | 2012-Jun-19
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How to Use Free Advertising Sites and Directories to Market 1:26 minutes | 2010-Aug-11
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How to Advertise Luxury Brands to Jetsetter Audience 2:01 minutes | 2011-Jun-19
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Advertising Week 2013: Shingerviews – Michael Ventura, Sub Rosa 4:47 minutes | 2013-Sep-22
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Dx3: Canada Needs More Digital Advertising Investment 1:28 minutes | 2014-Mar-28
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Online Advertising Strategy Design Considerations 2:55 minutes | 2011-Aug-17
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How Advertisers Hyper Target Facebook Users Via Profile Info 4:43 minutes | 2011-Jan-26
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Learn about Pay Per Click Advertising - Part 2/2 4:48 minutes | 2009-Mar-18
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