January 27, 2015
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'Outrageous Acts of Science': Playing Soccer with Lions 1:42 minutes | 2015-Jan-22
by Science Channel
Unearthed By Floods: New Dino Species? 0:46 minutes | 2014-Nov-17
Lava Creates Stunning Tube Caves 0:59 minutes | 2014-Nov-18
by Uncharted
'Breaking Trail': The Pine Marten Is Nature's Most Adorable Assassin 4:05 minutes | 2014-Dec-24
by Breaking Trail
'Breaking Trail with Coyote Peterson': Meet the American Badger 4:27 minutes | 2014-Nov-25
by Breaking Trail
'Shark Week': 190 Sharks in 60 Seconds 1:17 minutes | 2015-Jan-07
by Discovery Channel
'Breaking Trail': Western Diamondback Rattlesnake's Double Fangs 5:51 minutes | 2014-Dec-10
by Breaking Trail
'Monsters Inside Me': Bot Flies? In My Bikini?! 2:28 minutes | 2014-Dec-08
by Animal Planet
The World's Largest Living Organism 0:57 minutes | 2014-Nov-27
'Alaska: Disaster': Walking Into the Heart of a Glacier 3:11 minutes | 2015-Jan-17
by Destination America
'Dude, You're Screwed': Chris Swanda In Prison...Again 1:54 minutes | 2014-Dec-09
by Discovery Channel