September 02, 2015
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A Robot Ball Your Phone Can Control 1:41 minutes | 2013-Aug-14
by WSJ Video
CES 2013: BeeWi's Smart Toys Put Your Smartphone in Control 2:27 minutes | 2013-Jan-09
by Mashable
Botiful: A Tiny Skype-Powered Telepresence Robot 1:07 minutes | 2012-Jul-30
by Mashable
Meet Romo the Smartphone Robot 3:16 minutes | 2012-Oct-18
Controlling a Flying Robot... With Your Mind 2:31 minutes | 2013-Jun-06
by WSJ Video
Paralyzed Woman Controls a Robotic Arm With Her Mind 1:09 minutes | 2012-May-17
by Mashable
Robotic Arm Controlled by a Person's Thoughts 1:26 minutes | 2012-May-16
by ITN
Thoughts Used to Control Robotic Arm 2:25 minutes | 2012-May-16
by BBC World News
Woman Controls Robotic Arm With Her Brain 1:18 minutes | 2013-Jan-03
by Mashable
iPhone-Controlled Robot Dog the New Tamagotchi 1:08 minutes | 2012-Mar-26
by Buzz60
Build Your Own Robots with Multiplo 1:22 minutes | 2012-Sep-11
by Mashable
Emotional Machines the Next Step in Robot Evolution 2:14 minutes | 2012-Jan-18
by Reuters
I-SODOG, Your New, Robotic Best Friend 1:09 minutes | 2012-Jun-19
by Mashable