October 09, 2015
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Stranded Baby Whale Returned Into Sea 0:48 minutes | 2011-Aug-08
by BBC News
Raw Video: Stranded Pilot Whales on Fla. Beach 0:55 minutes | 2012-Sep-02
by Associated Press
Finback Whale Stranded on New York Beach 0:49 minutes | 2012-Dec-27
by ITN
Endangered Whales Seen Off Calif. Coast 2:26 minutes | 2012-Aug-21
by Associated Press
Rains Cause Massive Flooding in Scotland 0:47 minutes | 2012-Oct-13
by Reuters
Ten Whales Dead, Dozens Stranded in Florida Everglades 0:40 minutes | 2013-Dec-05
by Zoom.in
Waves and Wind Pound Scotland Coast 1:39 minutes | 2011-Dec-08
by Reuters
Stranded Whale Calf Is Rescued in Baja California Sur 1:06 minutes | 2014-Jan-30
by Reuters
Hundreds of Dolphins Flee Killer Whales Off Japan Coast 0:36 minutes | 2013-May-31
by Reuters
Official: 35 Pilot Whales Head to Deeper Water 1:03 minutes | 2013-Dec-05
by Associated Press
Stranded False Killer Whale Calf Rescued on Vancouver Island 1:24 minutes | 2014-Jul-11
by Canadian Press
Snow Ball! Basketball Team Stranded for 26 Hours 2:02 minutes | 2014-Nov-19
by InsideEdition
Raw: Coast Guard Rescues Stranded Hikers 1:03 minutes | 2013-Oct-02
by Associated Press
Humpback Whale Freed from Shark Net 0:47 minutes | 2013-Jul-26
by Reuters