August 01, 2014
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Sarah Palin Defends Paul Revere Comments 3:00 minutes | 2011-Jun-06
by Newsy
Maya Angelou Is Remembered, Revered and Honored 0:57 minutes | 2014-May-29
by celebritywire
Rare Turtle Fossil Found in Landfill 1:01 minutes | 2012-Oct-08
by BBC Worldwide
Rare Elephant Found Dead in Indonesia 0:32 minutes | 2012-Oct-16
by ITN
Body Found Outside University of Washington Dorm 1:36 minutes | 2012-May-30
by Q13FOX
Rescued Rare Fawn Finds New Hope 1:05 minutes | 2012-Nov-26
by Reuters
Rand Paul Defends Howard University Talk 12:09 minutes | 2013-Apr-17
by HP Live Segments
HP to Combine Printing, PC Operations 1:55 minutes | 2012-Mar-21
by Newsy
3D Printing Creates 'Bionic Ear' 1:09 minutes | 2013-Jul-03
by Associated Press
Expert: Flesh-Eating Organism Common, Rarely Bad 1:09 minutes | 2012-May-14
by Associated Press
Rare Ladybird Spider Spins Web of Controversy in Belgium 2:31 minutes | 2012-Jun-17
by Reuters
French Baguette Gets McDonald’s Twist 0:59 minutes | 2012-Apr-19
by Reuters
'Lost' Michelangelo Found at Oxford University 1:35 minutes | 2011-Jul-12
by Newsy