March 03, 2015
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John Kerry, Chuck Hagel Going Before Foreign Affairs Committee 1:21 minutes | 2013-Sep-04
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Brennan CIA Nomination Approved By Senate Intelligence Committee 1:42 minutes | 2013-Mar-05
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Hagel Defends Military Action in Syria to House Committee 0:40 minutes | 2013-Sep-05
by WSJLive
Syria Poll Finds Little Support For Military Intervention 2:07 minutes | 2013-May-02
by HuffPost Live Highlights
ENDA Passes Senate Committee In 15-7 Vote 1:47 minutes | 2013-Jul-10
by HuffPost Live Highlights
U.S. Activists Demonstrate Against Intervention in Syria 0:55 minutes | 2013-Sep-09
by Reuters
House Greets Syria War Resolution With Intense Skepticism 3:28 minutes | 2013-Sep-05
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John McCain Plays Poker While Colleagues Discuss Bombing Syria 1:52 minutes | 2013-Sep-04
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McCain Against Senate's Syria Resolution 5:42 minutes | 2013-Sep-04
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Awkwardness Ensues in Senate Committee: 'We Need Bodies to Vote' 1:40 minutes | 2014-Jul-30
by The Washington Post
Controversial NSA Amendment Approved Out Of Committee 0:31 minutes | 2013-Jul-23
by HuffPost News