April 21, 2014
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Obama Gets PolitiFact's 'Lie Of The Year' Prize For Healthcare Claims 1:51 minutes | 2013-Dec-13
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PolitiFact Launching PunditFact To Check Television Claims 1:39 minutes | 2013-Oct-11
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If You Like Your Health Care Plan, Can You Keep It? 2:33 minutes | 2013-Oct-29
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Romney's False Claim About Jeep Moving To China Is 'Lie Of The Year' 2:00 minutes | 2012-Dec-13
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Obama on His 'If You Like It, You Keep It' Pledge 1:57 minutes | 2013-Nov-14
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Obama on Health Care at Year-End News Conference 2:36 minutes | 2013-Dec-20
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GOP In Danger Of Losing House 10:28 minutes | 2013-Oct-11
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President Obama Announces Administrative Fixes To Obamacare 7:50 minutes | 2013-Nov-14
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Bill Clinton and President Obama Talk Health Care 6:31 minutes | 2013-Sep-24
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President Obama Touts Health Care Law On West Coast Swing 1:53 minutes | 2013-Nov-27
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Bill Clinton: Health Care Law Should Be Changed, Allow People To Keep Plans 1:43 minutes | 2013-Nov-12
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Federal Drug Agency Denies Marijuana Is Less Toxic Than Alcohol 3:29 minutes | 2013-Aug-20
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If You Like Your Plan, You May Not Be Able to Keep It 4:42 minutes | 2013-Oct-29
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President to Invoke 'Romneycare' to Defend Health Law 0:37 minutes | 2013-Oct-30
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