June 30, 2015
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Obama Nominating James Comey to Head FBI 2:11 minutes | 2013-Jun-21
by Associated Press
Wilkerson: Nominated FBI Director Is Model of Revolving Door 7:00 minutes | 2013-Jul-10
by Real News Network
FBI Nominee: Surveillance Can Be Valuable Tool 1:03 minutes | 2013-Jul-09
by Associated Press
FBI Director Addresses Ferguson Shooting in Utah 1:12 minutes | 2014-Aug-20
by Associated Press
FBI Director: Encryption a 'Technical Failure' 2:43 minutes | 2014-Oct-16
by Associated Press
Obama Nominates Lew to Lead Treasury 1:22 minutes | 2013-Jan-10
by Associated Press
First Woman on FBI Terror List 1:15 minutes | 2013-May-03
by Reuters
Obama Up in Latest Reuters Poll 1:57 minutes | 2012-Sep-22
by Reuters
Town Hall On Privacy & Security 9:58 minutes | 2013-Jun-13
by HuffPost Live Segments
NYC Terror Sting Shows Latest FBI Methods 3:05 minutes | 2012-Oct-18
by Associated Press
FBI Manual Change Sparks Privacy Concerns 2:09 minutes | 2011-Jun-13
by Newsy
FBI Investigated Terror Plot Suspect For Months 1:41 minutes | 2012-Sep-17
by WGN
FBI: 4 Calif. Men Charged in Alleged Terror Plot 1:25 minutes | 2012-Nov-21
by Associated Press
Barack Obama: '9/11 Has Made the US Stronger' 1:59 minutes | 2012-Sep-11
by ITN