October 09, 2015
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President Barack Obama Takes Oath of Office 1:30 minutes | 2013-Jan-21
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President Barack Obama Appears on David Letterman 0:58 minutes | 2012-Sep-19
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President Barack Obama Casts His Vote in Chicago 1:15 minutes | 2012-Oct-26
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U.S. President Barack Obama Meets EU Leaders 0:52 minutes | 2014-Mar-26
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Barack Obama Also Introduced Joe Biden As The 'Next President' 0:11 minutes | 2012-Aug-11
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Russell Brand's Opinion on Barack Obama 0:56 minutes | 2013-Nov-05
Barack Obama Goes on the Attack Against Mitt Romney 1:32 minutes | 2012-Oct-17
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Barack Obama and Stephen Harper Banter About Olympic Hockey 0:45 minutes | 2014-Feb-20
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President Barack Obama Sings Al Green 0:47 minutes | 2012-Jan-20
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Barack Obama Releases White House Beer Recipes 1:04 minutes | 2012-Sep-02
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Barack Obama: '9/11 Has Made the US Stronger' 1:59 minutes | 2012-Sep-11
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