November 24, 2014
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Niall Ferguson and Peter Schwartz on Human History 3:58 minutes | 2011-Mar-02
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Niall Ferguson on Historical Interpretation 1:58 minutes | 2010-Jun-01
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Niall Ferguson on Historical Actors 2:09 minutes | 2010-Jun-01
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The Morality of Wars 3:35 minutes | 2010-Jun-01
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Secret Societies: Fact or Fiction 4:37 minutes | 2011-May-01
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Historical Cases - Plessy v. Ferguson 7:45 minutes | 2009-Aug-13
Humans Overhunting of the Mammoths 3:37 minutes | 2010-Dec-28
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The Real Reason Why Easter Island's Society Collapsed 1:38 minutes | 2013-Feb-17
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Beginning of Aspen and Winterskol 6:00 minutes | 2010-Nov-16
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Human Trafficking in 19th Century California 3:53 minutes | 2011-Jan-27
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Celebrating Black History Month 6:07 minutes | 2010-Aug-30
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10 Deadliest Diseases in Human History 2:08 minutes | 2014-Jan-18
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The Secret History of Hollywood Labor Unions 5:37 minutes | 2011-Feb-14
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How the Written Word Transformed Humanity 2:51 minutes | 2012-Jun-19
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Japanese Americans Post World War II in Hawaii 6:35 minutes | 2010-Jun-17