July 30, 2015
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No Hands Reverse Crunch Exercise 0:20 minutes | 2010-Oct-06
by Prevention
V Crunch Toning Exercise 0:25 minutes | 2010-Oct-06
by Prevention
Crunch Exercises with a Stability Ball 2:44 minutes | 2010-Aug-23
by amymac
Water Exercises: Deep Water Crunches and Rolls 4:01 minutes | 2011-Mar-02
by MonkeySee.com - Health
Water Exercises: Chest-Deep Crunches 2:20 minutes | 2011-Mar-02
by MonkeySee.com - Health
How to Walk Your Way to a Flat Stomach 1:30 minutes | 2011-Dec-01
by Howcast
How to Get a Flat, Firm and Toned Stomach 4:06 minutes | 2011-Feb-18
by WatchMojo
Hotel Workout Exercise for the Abs 1:20 minutes | 2010-Aug-23
by amymac
Exercise Moves to Fake a Tummy Tuck 2:32 minutes | 2012-Aug-05
by NewBeauty Magazine
How to Do Pilates Crunches 0:47 minutes | 2011-Mar-09
by Geobeats
How to Do Basic Crunch on Bosu 0:48 minutes | 2011-Mar-09
by Geobeats
How to Do Ab Crunches 0:41 minutes | 2013-Sep-08
by HealthChoicesFirst
Butt Exercise: Triangle Crunch 0:43 minutes | 2014-Mar-23
by Health.com
10 Minutes to a Flat Stomach 4:16 minutes | 2013-Mar-14
by Shape (inactive)
Strength Training Exercises 2:06 minutes | 2010-Oct-05
by Prevention
Side Plank Static Exercise 0:28 minutes | 2010-Oct-05
by Prevention