August 21, 2014
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Stranded Whales Refloated in New Zealand 1:09 minutes | 2014-Jan-20
by Reuters
Stranded Whales in New Zealand Euthanised 0:34 minutes | 2014-Jan-16
by Reuters
Stranded Pod Of Pilot Whales 0:47 minutes | 2012-Sep-02
by HuffPost Miami
Stranded Whale Shark Dies in China 1:06 minutes | 2012-Apr-05
by Reuters
Whales Stranded in New Zealand 1:37 minutes | 2012-Jan-24
by Reuters
Rescuers Try to Free Whale Stuck in Shallow Water 0:44 minutes | 2013-Jul-06
by Reuters
Rescuers Race to Free Beached Whales 0:51 minutes | 2012-Jan-25
by Reuters
New Zealand Beached Whales Saved 0:39 minutes | 2012-Jan-07
by Reuters
Pilot Whales Beached on Farewell Spit, New Zealand 1:07 minutes | 2012-Jan-24
by ITN
Activists Intensify Whaling Campaign 0:57 minutes | 2012-Feb-29
by Reuters
Japan Ordered to Stop Antarctic Whaling 2:11 minutes | 2014-Apr-01
Japan to Carry Out NW Pacific Whale Hunt This Year 1:01 minutes | 2014-Apr-18
by Wochit News
Whale Music Among Orcas Goes Quiet 0:54 minutes | 2013-Oct-24
by AOL HPMG Canada
How to Save the Orca Whales 7:50 minutes | 2013-Oct-10
by Q13FOX
Feeding Humpback Whales Off Rockaway Beach 0:38 minutes | 2013-Sep-26
by Storyful