November 28, 2014
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SNTV - Flashback: Kellan Lutz 1:05 minutes | 2010-Nov-10
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Kellan Lutz Wants Healthier Diet 0:41 minutes | 2011-Jan-03
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Eclipse Premiere: Kellan Lutz 3:50 minutes | 2010-Jun-30
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Kellan Lutz Is Sweet to Fans on Set of Syrup 1:18 minutes | 2011-Jun-24
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Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Moving In? 1:00 minutes | 2011-Jul-28
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Brittany Snow On Dating, Kellan Lutz, Syrup & WWE 2:42 minutes | 2011-Aug-15
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Style File: Kellan Lutz 0:46 minutes | 2011-Aug-25
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Kellan Lutz Works Out in Venice, California 0:57 minutes | 2011-Aug-30
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First Look: Kellan Lutz's 'Arena' 1:20 minutes | 2011-Oct-11
Kellan Lutz Cracks the Secret to an 'Immortal' Body 0:54 minutes | 2011-Oct-13
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Is Iggy Azalea Afraid To Make A Song Alone? 1:26 minutes | 2014-Nov-28
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James Rodriguez Launches Underwear Line J10 1:31 minutes | 2014-Nov-28
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Kim Kardashian’s 10 Life Lessons For Daughter North 1:17 minutes | 2014-Nov-28
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Jessie J Says That She Isn't in Love With Luke James Yet 1:11 minutes | 2014-Nov-28
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