August 03, 2015
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Family Rescues Deer Tangled in Christmas Lights 7:40 minutes | 2015-Jan-21
by JukinMedia
Man Charged With Shooting Deer In Walmart Parking Lot 1:09 minutes | 2013-Mar-28
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Deer Delivers Donut to Fisherman 3:30 minutes | 2014-Nov-04
by JukinMedia
Ice Fisherman Frees Stuck Buck 0:50 minutes | 2015-Jan-13
by JukinMedia
Exotic Bird and Miniature Buck Form Unlikely Friendship 0:56 minutes | 2015-Jun-27
by Rumble
Man Frees Young Buck from Fence 2:05 minutes | 2015-Jan-30
by JukinMedia
Skydiver Plummets as Parachute Tangles 1:21 minutes | 2014-Jun-18
by Barcroft
Bee Gets Tangled in a Web Not of Its Making 2:26 minutes | 2014-Oct-15
by Storyful
Robbery Attempt Thwarted by 71-Year-Old Man 1:09 minutes | 2012-Jul-17
by Buzz60
A Young Boy and His Kite Are Tragically Separated 0:20 minutes | 2015-Apr-09
by Storyful
Ellie-Mae Plays and Runs Rings Around a Wild Deer 2:00 minutes | 2014-Oct-08
by Storyful
The Separation Of Church & State Expressed In Song 1:08 minutes | 2013-May-31
by Eye Opener
How to Prevent Tangled Wire While Wrapping Headphones 0:29 minutes | 2015-Jul-04
by Rumble
Mother Deer Gives Birth to Two Babies 1:55 minutes | 2015-May-28
by JukinMedia
Coast Guard Rescues Sea Turtles Tangled in Pollution 1:04 minutes | 2015-Jun-09
by InsideEdition
Viral Video Recap: Stuck Cats and Mischievous Toddlers 1:08 minutes | 2013-Apr-02
by Mashable