October 10, 2015
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Truly Incredible Sign Spinners 1:04 minutes | 2013-Aug-14
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Sign Spinner Shows Off Unbelievable Skills 1:11 minutes | 2014-Oct-31
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Guy Catches Weird Sea Lamprey In New Jersey 0:55 minutes | 2013-Feb-27
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Weird Al + Dead Hooker = Comedy Gold 2:09 minutes | 2012-Dec-13
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The Robot Invasion 8:41 minutes | 2013-Feb-06
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Weird Things You Thought Only You Did 1:24 minutes | 2013-Dec-13
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Urlesque Daily: Weird News Blooper 0:59 minutes | 2012-Jan-03
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Singing and Playing With Dolphins Off Hawaii 4:17 minutes | 2015-Jan-28
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