October 13, 2015
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Scientists Release New DNA Profile of Frozen 'Iceman' 1:55 minutes | 2012-Feb-29
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More Tattoos Discovered On Body Of Ötzi The Iceman 1:00 minutes | 2015-Jan-28
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Giant Prehistoric Camels Found in Canadian Arctic 1:04 minutes | 2013-Mar-07
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Prehistoric Man Ate Pandas 1:02 minutes | 2012-Oct-16
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Prehistoric Shared Toilet Found in Argentina 1:03 minutes | 2013-Dec-02
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Researchers Say They Found Oldest Buddhist Shrine 0:51 minutes | 2013-Nov-28
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Largest Prehistoric Fish Known To Have Been About 50 Feet Long 1:41 minutes | 2013-Aug-27
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Traces of Lost Continent Found 1:17 minutes | 2013-Feb-26
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Large Crucifix Crushes Pilgrim in Italian Alps 0:46 minutes | 2014-Apr-25
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Prehistoric Interbreeding More Widespread Than Thought 3:06 minutes | 2013-Dec-04
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Giant Prehistoric Crocodile Discovered 1:31 minutes | 2014-Jul-27
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These 5 Prehistoric Mammals Were Pretty Monstrous 3:32 minutes | 2014-Dec-23
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Trace Back Your DNA 1,000 Years 2:09 minutes | 2014-May-01
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