January 27, 2015
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Pres. Barack Obama Outlines Vision of America 0:45 minutes | 2012-Sep-07
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Debate: Best Moments: Trade With China & Latin America 5:08 minutes | 2012-Oct-23
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Michelle Obama Speaks - Can Michelle Obama Help Us Love Barack Again? 5:23 minutes | 2012-Sep-05
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Barack Obama Pledges Equal Taxes for Rich 1:16 minutes | 2012-Jan-25
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Would Legalizing Drugs End The Violence In Chicago? 1:19 minutes | 2013-Feb-20
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US Election: Barack Obama's Victory Speech in Full 23:19 minutes | 2012-Nov-07
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How U.S. Pot Legalization Could Impact Mexico's Drug Cartels 1:54 minutes | 2013-Jan-30
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Barack Obama on JP Morgan Loss 0:52 minutes | 2012-May-15
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Michelle Obama Endorses Husband Barack's Campaign! 1:03 minutes | 2012-Apr-13
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Barack Obama Remembers Victims At Navy Yard Memorial 2:49 minutes | 2013-Sep-23
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John Kerry To Get Grilled On NSA Surveillance In Latin America 0:50 minutes | 2013-Aug-13
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Barack Obama - Mini Biography 4:58 minutes | 2012-Oct-10
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Barack Obama Arrives in Indonesia 0:46 minutes | 2011-Nov-17
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