October 20, 2014
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James Bond's Deadliest One-Liners 5:44 minutes | 2012-Nov-09
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Bill Maher's New Rule For Mitt Romney's Facebook 0:27 minutes | 2012-Nov-21
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Get Your War On: Bounce Romney Baby Bounce Bounce 2:18 minutes | 2012-Oct-11
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Get Your War On: Romney's Sex Tape 1:40 minutes | 2012-Sep-25
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Maher Slams Romney For Liberty University Commencement Speech 4:36 minutes | 2012-May-20
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Gary Cole Gives Romney Advice on Picking a Vice President 4:13 minutes | 2012-Jul-23
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Late-Night Laughs: Hillary Clinton Vs. Barack Obama 1:13 minutes | 2014-Aug-17
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