December 18, 2014
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Reggie Fils-Aime Interview - E3 2012 6:42 minutes | 2012-Jun-07
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Reggie Fils-Aime Shows DSi XL on Nintendo Week 3:03 minutes | 2012-Mar-20
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Reggie Interview on Wii 3:24 minutes | 2011-Mar-14
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Wii Sports Resort: Gameplay Video 7:10 minutes | 2012-Mar-18
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How to Update Your Nintendo Wii 2:16 minutes | 2011-Aug-24
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Wii U Miiverse and Network Details 14:27 minutes | 2012-Nov-26
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Nintendo Channel: Japan Update 8:48 minutes | 2012-Mar-18
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Nintendo Unveils Wii U GamePad, Console Details 2:14 minutes | 2012-Jun-04
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E3 2012 Nintendo Pre-E3 Wii U Announcement Analysis 6:08 minutes | 2012-Jun-04
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Nintendo Wii U: Demo and Info 3:02 minutes | 2012-Jul-11
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Nintendo Wii U Might Be Ready For Christmas 1:32 minutes | 2012-Jan-26
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Nintendo Wii U Hands-On 1:31 minutes | 2011-Dec-21
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Nintendo Wii U Games Hands-on 1:19 minutes | 2012-Jun-20
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Nintendo Wii U Technical Specs Revealed 1:30 minutes | 2011-Dec-12
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