October 10, 2015
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World's Biggest Doner Kebab Cooked in Turkey 0:55 minutes | 2012-Jun-13
by ITN
Woman in Moscow Killed By a Kebab Skewer 1:00 minutes | 2012-May-14
by Geobeats
Dog Swallows Kebab Skewer Whole 0:53 minutes | 2013-May-23
by ITN
World's Largest Cappucino Record Attempt 1:16 minutes | 2012-Sep-02
by ITN
Meet a Teen Who Speaks 23 Languages 1:38 minutes | 2013-Apr-09
by ITN
American Teenager Speaks 20 Languages 15:05 minutes | 2013-Apr-10
by Zoom.in
Making the World's Largest Hand-Drawn Maze 3:13 minutes | 2012-Sep-17
by WSJ Video
World's Largest Snowball Fight in Seattle 1:12 minutes | 2013-Jan-16
by ITN
Largest Lock in the World? 1:27 minutes | 2012-Jun-28
by BBC News
Russia Building World's Largest Nuclear Powered Icebreaker 1:00 minutes | 2012-Sep-19
by Geobeats
World's Largest Camel Race 0:41 minutes | 2011-Dec-12
by ITN
LA Woman Has World's Largest Hips 2:07 minutes | 2013-Jan-23
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Manila Suburb Breaks World Record for Largest Zumba Class 0:55 minutes | 2015-Jul-20
by Reuters