October 07, 2015
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Invisible Children Documentary on Joseph Kony Goes Viral 1:13 minutes | 2012-Mar-07
by Buzz60
Critics Blast Joseph Kony Campaign 0:51 minutes | 2012-Mar-09
by ITN
The Kony 2012 Campaign: Where Do All The Donations Go? 2:02 minutes | 2012-Mar-09
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Kony 2012: It's Oversimplified For a Reason 1:50 minutes | 2012-Mar-10
by Reuters
Kony Documentary - What Do Ugandans Say? 2:02 minutes | 2012-Mar-12
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Kony 2012 Makers Address Their Critics 1:12 minutes | 2012-Mar-13
by ITN
'Kony 2012' Director Answers Critics of Video 4:00 minutes | 2012-Mar-10
by Reuters
KONY 2012 Sparks Controversy 3:04 minutes | 2012-Mar-11
by Newsy
ICC's Ocampo Backs Kony Campaign 2:28 minutes | 2012-Mar-12
by BBC News
'KONY 2012' Creators Respond to Critics 2:01 minutes | 2012-Mar-13
by Newsy
U.S. Joins Search for African Warlord Kony 1:33 minutes | 2012-Apr-30
by Reuters
Viral Video Campaign Aims to Bring Justice 2:03 minutes | 2012-Mar-07
by Newsy
Joseph Kony Said To Be In Talks To Surrender 1:45 minutes | 2013-Nov-22
by Newsy
Central African Republic's Joseph Kony In Surrender Talks 1:23 minutes | 2013-Nov-21
by HuffPost Live Highlights