September 04, 2015
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MMA Fighter Tells Opponent to Hit Him, Gets Knocked Out 0:58 minutes | 2012-Nov-01
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Heavyweight Boxer's Punch Sends Soccer Ball Soaring 1:09 minutes | 2014-Aug-18
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Around the Net: Boxer Dances in the Ring 8:05 minutes | 2011-Apr-05
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Little Girl Owns Dad in Boxing Match 3:40 minutes | 2015-Mar-06
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Speed Bag Scissorhands Displays Awesome Punching Speed 1:04 minutes | 2013-Sep-20
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9 Candles Extinguished with a Single Punch 1:06 minutes | 2014-Jul-28
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Surfer Knocked Out by Whale's Tale 1:11 minutes | 2013-Jul-08
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When Wakeboarding Ends With a Flop 0:06 minutes | 2015-Jul-22
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Pro-Bowl Players Stop to Watch Brawl in the Stands 1:06 minutes | 2013-Jan-30
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Eight Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches A Minute 3:37 minutes | 2015-Aug-06
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Masked Beat Boxer Shows Off His Harmonica Skills 3:11 minutes | 2014-Sep-27
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