January 28, 2015
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Ocean Ramsey, Shark Diver, Swims With Great White Shark 6:21 minutes | 2013-Feb-16
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Shark Week: Shark Chomps Man's Leg 2:06 minutes | 2012-Sep-09
by Discovery Channel
The Best Shark Attacks In Movies 3:33 minutes | 2012-Aug-13
by Mashed Postatoes
Sharks Escape Into Chinese Mall After Their Tank Shatters 0:45 minutes | 2012-Dec-27
by Eye Opener
Sharks Swarm Florida Beach By The Thousands 1:41 minutes | 2013-Mar-08
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark 2:15 minutes | 2014-Sep-27
by Barcroft
Bull Shark Bite 2:24 minutes | 2012-Sep-09
by Discovery Channel
Lifeguard Saves Shark 0:53 minutes | 2013-May-22
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Sharks Help Police End Standoff With Suspect 1:17 minutes | 2013-Mar-27
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Possibly Largest Mako Shark On Record Caught Off Huntington Beach 0:54 minutes | 2013-Jun-05
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Man Wrestles Shark With Bare Hands 1:23 minutes | 2013-Jul-18
by Storyful
Dead Shark Found in New York Subway Train 1:25 minutes | 2013-Aug-08
by NewsFix