October 07, 2015
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The Ugliest Endangered Animals on Earth 1:59 minutes | 2013-Jul-02
by Quick Fix
Do It Yourself Waxing 0:53 minutes | 2012-Feb-15
by Rooftop Comedy
Maniac Man Jumps on Endangered Manatee 1:44 minutes | 2013-May-21
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Ian and Anthony's Crazy Brazilian Food Test 8:25 minutes | 2013-Jun-02
by Smosh Games
Brazilian Man Gets Eyeballs Tattooed 1:40 minutes | 2013-Apr-16
by Quick Fix
Cosmo Live: Frank Gets Waxed 1:20 minutes | 2014-Apr-06
by Cosmopolitan
'Cosmo Catch Up': Katy Perry’s Super Frightening Wax Statue 2:11 minutes | 2014-Apr-06
by Cosmopolitan
New Snail Species Named After Punk Legend 1:43 minutes | 2014-Dec-18
by Broken News Daily
Thoughts When You Get Your Eyebrows Waxed 1:16 minutes | 2014-Nov-06
by Buzzfeed
Is This A Picture Of A Crab On Mars? 2:18 minutes | 2015-Aug-10
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WE'RE WAX FIGURES! 10:22 minutes | 2015-Jun-01
by Smosh
The 5 Phases of Getting a Bikini Wax 1:54 minutes | 2015-Oct-01
by Refinery29
Women Don't Like Hairy Backs 1:22 minutes | 2012-Feb-12
by Rooftop Comedy
Net Neutrality With Insane Clown Posse 1:01 minutes | 2012-Jan-16
by g4tv
Twerking In The Animal Kingdom 1:44 minutes | 2013-Jul-29
by Mashed Postatoes
Courting Neanderthals 0:43 minutes | 2012-Jun-26
by Rooftop Comedy