August 01, 2014
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Cop Dunks Head in Urine-Filled Bucket 1:10 minutes | 2012-Nov-27
by NewsFix
Family Finds 7ft KFC Bucket in Front Yard 1:22 minutes | 2013-Jul-30
by NewsFix
Helicopter Refills Water Bucket from a Public Pool 1:13 minutes | 2013-Jul-16
by Storyful
Water Bucket Splash 0:32 minutes | 2014-May-11
by America's Funniest Home Videos
Around The Net: Most Awkward Toast 4:41 minutes | 2012-Oct-17
by g4tv
Clever Raccoon Tightrope Walks Across Neighborhood Power Lines 1:11 minutes | 2013-Apr-09
by NewsFix DFW
Raccoon Steals Cat Food Right In Front Of Cats 1:01 minutes | 2013-Jul-22
by Eye Opener
Mop Sink Or Muslim Foot Bath? 1:16 minutes | 2013-Mar-27
by HuffPost Live Highlights
Hamster Rises From The Dead 1:01 minutes | 2013-Apr-12
by Eye Opener
Basking Sharks Off Irish Coast 1:55 minutes | 2014-Jun-05
by Storyful
Incredibly Fast Street Drummer 2:23 minutes | 2014-Mar-31
by VSG
Horses Go Head-To-Head in Party Game 0:53 minutes | 2013-Dec-28
by Storyful
BYU Football Players Caught Fighting on Viral Video 0:58 minutes | 2012-Nov-16
by Buzz60