August 28, 2015
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Amazing Buzzer Beater Half Court Basketball Shot 0:37 minutes | 2013-Mar-04
by Eye Opener
Amazing Court-Length Buzzer Beater 0:30 minutes | 2014-Jan-19
by Storyful
Kid Talks Backwards with a Scottish Accent 1:14 minutes | 2013-Dec-08
by VSG
10-Year-Old Boy Talks Backwards Fluently 4:37 minutes | 2013-Nov-17
by VSG
The Third Epic Trick Shot from Basketball Pool Pros 0:25 minutes | 2013-Aug-21
by Storyful
Viral Video Recap: Crafty Cats and Carol of the Basketballs 1:20 minutes | 2012-Nov-26
by Mashable
Cameron Reads The Hobbit Backwards 1:51 minutes | 2014-Jan-01
by VSG
Bowling Alley Buzzer Freaks Dog Out 1:50 minutes | 2014-May-13
by Storyful
Guy Makes Various Backwards Selfie Shots 1:23 minutes | 2015-May-18
by JukinMedia
The Backwards Bike for Two 0:09 minutes | 2013-Sep-09
by Popular Mechanics
Amazing Creativity Shown in Backwards Stop Motion Film 2:37 minutes | 2013-Oct-02
by Storyful
Backward Rewind Mashup! 1:33 minutes | 2013-Oct-09
by America's Funniest Home Videos
Riding a Bike Backwards at 80 KM/H 3:00 minutes | 2013-Dec-05
by Storyful