September 01, 2015
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JibJab Wraps Up 2012 1:50 minutes | 2012-Dec-28
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This Cat Is Worried About The Apocalypse 0:33 minutes | 2012-Dec-21
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Canadian Official Prepares For Zombie Apocalypse 1:32 minutes | 2013-Feb-15
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Zombie Apocalypse: Man Claims Undead Chasing Him Caused Big-Rig Crash 1:00 minutes | 2013-Apr-12
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Kid Prime Minister Talks About Global Animal Rights 6:22 minutes | 2015-Aug-10
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Obituary Calls for Canadians to Vote Out the Prime Minister 0:41 minutes | 2015-Jul-30
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Lost Australian Woman Rescued Thanks To 'Help' Message Written In Sand 0:52 minutes | 2013-Apr-09
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U.S. Ambassador Urges Australians To Stop Stealing 'Game Of Thrones' 2:28 minutes | 2013-Apr-27
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Australian Ad Promotes Gay Marriage Using Pregnancy 1:11 minutes | 2013-Jun-08
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Trendy Stories: Pit Bull Hero, Condom Delivery Service, Zombie Attack 8:20 minutes | 2013-Feb-15
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Young Boy Has a Stern Warning for Tony Abbott 1:48 minutes | 2015-Jul-04
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Australian Man Gets Hit By a Train, Walks Away Unscathed 0:28 minutes | 2013-Sep-20
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