August 30, 2015
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Police Begin Clearing Occupy DC Protest Site 2:02 minutes | 2012-Feb-04
by Reuters
Riot Police Clear Out Occupy Miami 0:46 minutes | 2012-Feb-01
by HuffPost Local
Spain Clears Bond Auction Hurdle 2:09 minutes | 2012-Apr-19
by Reuters
Gold Poised to Clear $2,000 Bar 2:48 minutes | 2012-Jan-19
by Reuters
Investors Steered Clear of Risk in 2011 15:23 minutes | 2012-Jan-13
by Morningstar
Occupy Movement Has A VERY Clear Message 1:58 minutes | 2011-Dec-20
by AOL HPMG Canada
Inflation Reports May Clear Path For QE3 4:38 minutes | 2012-Apr-12
by WSJ Video
New York Clears Protesters from Park 1:08 minutes | 2011-Nov-15
by Reuters
Europe's Bailout Fund Clears Legal Hurdle 3:56 minutes | 2012-Sep-12
by WSJ Video
Police Arrest Protester at Cleared Occupy Wall Street Park 1:01 minutes | 2011-Nov-15
by SplashNews
U.S. Gas Exports Clear Hurdle 4:36 minutes | 2012-Dec-06
by WSJ Video
RBS "Mess" Stills Needs Clearing Up Says CEO 2:17 minutes | 2013-Feb-11
by Reuters
Green Monday Rings Retail Bell Loud and Clear 1:24 minutes | 2012-Dec-11
Softbank Clears Another Hurdle 0:42 minutes | 2013-May-29
by Market News Video