August 04, 2015
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The Geek Hierarchy Explained 2:19 minutes | 2013-Jul-19
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BBC Space Correspondent Sees Key Telescope Component Close Up 2:13 minutes | 2012-May-10
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Petraeus Scandal Reveals Surveillance State and Hypocrisy Over Benghazi 6:24 minutes | 2012-Nov-16
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Office of Religious Freedom to Protect All Canadians: PM 1:02 minutes | 2013-Feb-19
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The Hypocrisy of US Defense of Israel's Gaza War 9:38 minutes | 2012-Dec-04
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Catholic Hypocrisy? 30:00 minutes | 2013-Jan-31
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Teacher Humiliates Teen For Wearing Romney T-Shirt 0:25 minutes | 2012-Oct-05
by PIX11
Father Humiliates Toddler After Pooping In Bathtub 0:27 minutes | 2012-Oct-03
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Gay Marriage Support Ends Obama's "Hypocrisy" 2:05 minutes | 2012-May-09
by Associated Press
Dying Leukemia Patient Humiliated By TSA 0:56 minutes | 2012-Oct-10
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Woody Allen Documentarian On 'Hypocrisy' In Farrow's Response To Tribute 6:58 minutes | 2014-Jan-17
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Jersusalem Residents Prepare For Religious Holidays 0:56 minutes | 2013-Mar-24
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Judge 'Humiliates' Woman For Breastfeeding 2:25 minutes | 2011-Nov-16
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